Our high-performance culture assures high-impact results. We start by helping you assess and define the challenge. Only then do we explore recruitment solutions. Our proven approach gives you the peace of mind you need and the outcomes you expect.

Phase 1    Discovery and Intake

Organizational Profile

  • Industry and organizational overview
  • Historical overview
  • Current business environment and priorities
  • Cultural blueprint and disposition of key stakeholders

Position Specification

  • Scope and responsibilities of the position
  • Current state and role expectations
  • Experience and key competencies identified

Project Timeline/Expectations

  • Timeline set
  • Communication tools established

Phase 2    Research and Recruiting

  • Present position specification to our team of 20+
  • Identify current candidates and sources
  • Conduct external research, and target companies and candidates identified

Phase 3    Interviewing and Evaluation

  • Skill-set and competencies
  • Cultural and values fit
  • Motivational fit
  • In-person interview

Phase 4    Candidate Presentation and Interview Process

  • Detailed presentation of qualified candidates
  • Assistance in facilitation of interviews
  • Transparent communications on candidate’s interest level/concerns
  • References – 360-degree approach
  • Background checks

Phase 5    Offer and On-boarding

  • Guidance provided on offer structure
  • Guidance provided to candidate on resignation process
  • Assistance in creation of on-boarding plan