Cost Management in Environmental Staffing

Our environmental staffing segment provides personnel to support environmental management and remediation.

Business Pain
Our customer, an environmental remediation firm, was facing challenges recruiting within a niche technical skill set to staff projects. Temporary projects requiring frequent increase and reduction in workforce was causing them to incur unnecessary high costs. They needed a staffing partner to help manage costs associated with a temporary labor force.

Environmental Staffing Solution
• We provided a flexible workforce solution
• Contract staffing allowed our customer to add personnel on an as-needed basis
• We managed all associated costs, such as timekeeping and unemployment expenses, reducing the customer’s overhead

• Placed 17 personnel in two locations since 2009
• Over 80 percent of the customer’s projects had a duration of 1-5 days, and our successful placements provided temporary solutions
• Increased project win ratio and increased revenue and profit

Environmental Staffing Skill Sets
Environmental Field Technician