Customer and Industry Knowledge in Engineering Staffing

Our engineering staffing segment provides personnel with specialized engineering skill sets across all industries.

Customer Profile
The customer is an orthopedic medical device company that markets innovative surgical products, including their proprietary robotic arm technology and implants for minimally invasive knee and hip restructuring. A 2010 Medical Design Excellence Award winner, this customer is ranked as the #1 fastest-growing technology company by industry surveys.

Customer Objectives
Since their inception in 2004, the customer has developed an internal workforce of over 250, with steep projections of continued growth in the future. Their Human Resources team has historically performed all recruiting, but their rapid rate of development led them to select an outside organization to handle recruiting and staffing. Our customer’s requirements for a staffing partner included access to top talent, knowledge and experience with the Medical Device industry and ability to fill positions on time to meet business objectives.

Engineering Staffing Solution
We partnered with the customer and leveraged our technical understanding of the niche-specific skill sets they were looking to fill along with our industry experience. While the skill sets the customer needed to fill are rare in the customer’s south Florida region, Our national recruiting capabilities and proprietary contractor database, Recruiter WorkSpace, supported our access to qualified resources outside their market. Our recruiters are experienced with the relocation process, and engaged candidates in specific discussion to ensure that relocation was a viable option. This helped ensure that all candidates we sent to interview were seriously considering the positions.

Since our customer selected us as their primary staffing supplier for all technical hires, our team has proactively learned their company culture and product line while identifying the skill sets that they frequently need to fill. Our team networks with various orthopedic organizations to broaden our access to talent pool, and continues to maintain a pipeline of candidates available upon request. Since 2010, we have placed 18 contract and contract-to-hire professionals and nine direct placement professionals.

Engineering Staffing Skill Sets
Electrical Engineer
Human Resources
Mechanical Engineer
Quality Engineer
Software Engineer
Systems Engineer
Technical Writer