Growing your network from the ground up

It’s one of the oldest pieces of advice when it comes to finding a job, but creating a wide network of potential business contacts can often be much easier said than done. Although job experts always say to start building a strong network before you actually need it, when it comes time to use these contacts in a job search, it may difficult to decide where to start.

According to the Washington Business Journal, your network can start growing through any number of ways, which include both the internet and traditional meet-and-greet informational sessions.

Fortunately, you can start expanding your network right in your own home, thanks to the advent of the internet and social media websites. However, with so many people now using social media as a form of online resume, thousands of job hunters get lost in the shuffle and remain invisible to recruiters. This makes it more important than ever to regularly update your profile on any platform. The time has arrived that any networking push must be supported by a strong social media presence, because without it, you lose a major competitive advantage that others will likely capitalize on.

According to the news source, use LinkedIn to connect with friends, family, and really, anyone you’ve ever worked with. By expanding this network, you can greatly improve your chances of finding an “in” at a company, which would better the odds that your resume or cover letter would be picked up by hiring managers.

Another good jump off point is to get a few endorsements on LinkedIn. While this may sound like a daunting task, it can easily be achieved by the old adage “do unto others as you would have them do to you.” If you endorse dozens of your former coworkers, chances are, you’ll get an endorsement in return, which could be instrumental in demonstrating your worth to a potential employer.

However, your network shouldn’t be limited to cyberspace. When job searching, you can also try reaching out to employment agencies, which can help you uncover jobs that may otherwise never have been visible through online job boards and similar resources.