On-Premise Solution in Manufacturing Staffing

Customer Profile
The customer is a manufacturer of baked goods with over 100 years’ industry experience. Their thriving business requires a strong workforce dedicated to maintaining their strong reputation for quality products.

Customer Objectives
Our customer was facing high attrition rates due to poor treatment of contractual workforce by their previous staffing vendor. Their temporary workforce was dissatisfied with the level of support they were given when dealing with issues related to paycheck distribution and lack of communication. Low morale within the facility was causing a negative business impact, so our customer made the decision to seek a new staffing supplier.

Manufacturing Staffing Solution
We partnered with our customer to provide a Vendor on Premise solution and an On Premise Manager to oversee employee relations within the facility. Our on-premise management worked closely with the customer’s management team to ensure we were meeting all of their requirements and expectations. We formed a true partnership with the customer’s leadership which resulted in increased morale and productivity.

Our Implementation Services team transitioned 100 percent of eligible contractors from the incumbent staffing provider to us. They supplied Kronos, a new, more efficient method of timekeeping, which helped eliminate the payroll issues that our customer had faced with their previous supplier.

Another area where we were able to forge a partnership with the customer was providing a local field office for support. This was an area the previous supplier had not been successful since they did not have any locations in the area and was not available to come onsite when necessary.

We successfully transitioned 100 percent of eligible contractors. We implemented an on-premise manager to mitigate their attrition and solve their timekeeping issues. The customer was extremely satisfied with our presence, noting their satisfaction: “This was the easiest project we have ever undertaken because we truly did not have to do anything!” In 2011, ten of our contractors became permanent placements with the customer.

Manufacturing Staffing Skill Sets
Machine Operator
Production Worker