Our Process:

Here’s how to get started to partner with us as a resource in your job search.


1. We do NOT accept walk in candidates! We only accept Resumes via our website but every resume is reviewed by a recruiter. This process is set up to respect your time but we assure you that your information will be reviewed.

2. Upload (via email) your resume in MS Word or other approved format. We cannot accept resumes via fax or mail at this time.

3. There is no need to contact our office to find out which positions are available. You can view all of our available open positions in real time at our Jobs Search page

4. If you do not have a resume or need help with yours we suggest: www.theresumecorporation.com We can not assist you without a resume sent to us electronically.

5. Each resume we receive is reviewed by a recruiter. It may take up to 48 hours for us to review this information. You do not need call and ask if we have reviewed your information… this will only slow down the process for others. We want you to find a job!

6. You should receive an email after submitting to a position or sending us your resume. Read the email completely as it has a lot of information and steps to follow. Part of the process is seeing ‘how you follow directions.’ You may receive multiple emails if you apply to more than one job. In that case, you only need to submit your application and responses once.

7. You will not receive a phone call from us just because you have submitted your resume. It is not possible for us to call every candidate but we will review your resume and application.

8. When we have a position that appears to be a fit for your background, a recruiter will call or contact you via email with additional questions. At that time, interviews may be arranged if the we feel that it is in the best interest of both parties to visit.

9. Make sure you follow the directions of the recruiter or you may be rejected for the job due to failure to complete the process.

10. Once a recruiter follows up with you, and you complete the interview process, we will run your information through a public database to verify your background. Before heading to work, you will also approve an official background verification. This is a requirement for all candidates prior to receiving work through the agency. Any convictions or pending court cases should be disclosed up front and at the start of the pre-employment process; failure to do so will result in not receiving a career opportunity through our firm.